Clean Water for good health


Most activities tomorrow will be based on Artificial Inteleigence


Re-newable Energy reduces CO2 production


Protection of the natural environment

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About Us

The Ambazonian Professional Society (APS) is an umbrella organisation of Ambazonian professional associations with focus in the areas of health, water, energy and mineral resources, agriculture and environment, communications and IT, transportation, education, infrastructural development and legal affairs. The member associations are represented by outstanding professionals from different fields of expertise. Together, they are committed to promote professional excellence and exchange for national development, as well as supporting the development of young and early-stage professionals.

The society promotes the development and adoption of leading-edge strategies for clean and sustainable national development, drawing from the best traditions of the modern era. In addition, the society conducts press and public engagement activities and organises events on current issues in key professions. Furthermore, the society represents Ambazonian professional associations abroad and sends representatives to national and international professional organisations.

Membership in member associations is open to professionals of all walks of life and all levels of professionalism, ranging from vocational to scientific professions and academia.

Organisation and Structures


Executive Committee

The executive committee is the society’s central decision-making body and consists of the President, the Vice-President (Science and Mathematics), Vice-President (Engineering and Technology), Vice-President (Economic Sciences), Vice-President (Arts), Vice-President (Humanities), Secretary General, Chief Financial Officer, Publications Manager, Press Secretary.

General Assembly

Currently, the organisation’s membership consists of eight Ambazonian professional associations. The general assembly of the Society receives and approves the report of the executive committee, establishes the budget, and decides on the admission of new members and on any amendments to the statutes.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is the Society’s brain trust saddled with the responsibility to advice on planning and strategy. It comprises experts in all the professional fields represented in the organisation.

For consistency, uniformity and conformity​

We shape, control and ensure that the same norms and standards are applied throughout the territory